The Annual Arizona Rosary Celebration Program

The annul Rosary Celebration is honoring Mary under her title of Our Lady of Fatima.  If your business or family would like to be a part of this year’s program book, the cost for an entry is $3.00.  Registration forms can be picked up in the vestibule. Business advertising registration forms are also available for interested business owners.

Our Current Project

Our current effort is supporting the Heritage House "oPIN Your Eyes" project, which seeks to raise national awareness of the nearly 60 Million lives destroyed through legalized abortions.  These babies will be visually represented by a collection of diaper and safety pins.  The goal is to collect 60,0000 pins by the end of the year.  St. Helen's has an "oPIN Your Eyes" collection barrel located in the church vestibule.  Anyone is welcome to contribute pins to this magnificent cause.

 How Does oPIN Your Eyes Project Work?

"oPIN your eyes" is a 9-month project to raise national awareness of what our country has lost through legalized abortion.  During the Holocaust, 6 million Jews were killed.  Did you know that our country has killed nearly 10 times that many?  That's nearly 60,000,000 babies!  That is a staggering amount!!  Because I cannot comprehend how many babies have been murdered, I started this project to help our country see what we have lost.

How does this work?  Heritage House is collecting diaper and safety pins, any size, any color, to represent the lives lost.  1 pin equals 100 lives; therefore, the project needs 600,000 pins.  The goal is to help everyone to visualize the number of lives that have been taken through abortion.


After the collection is over on Dec 9th, the project hopes to create a public display (such as a GIANT baby bottle filled with these pins) where people can come and see this collection.  They pray that God will use this to open our eyes to the grave reality of what our country has lost through legalized abortion.  For more information on how God put this project on my heart, go to External link opens in new tab or

Our Email List

The Respect for Life group currently has not regular scheduled meetings but it does have two email lists that parishioners can join.  The first, is the basic Respect for Life list that allows members to receive emails about current parish activities and events occurring on the national and international level.  On this list, is a weekly "Life Decision International Boycott" message which notifies members of companies that support Planned Parenthood and asks them to boycott that company as well as to express their concern on the company's support of Planned Parenthood via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Our second email list is for those who may not be able to actively participate in the Respect for Life effort but nevertheless, wish to help the cause.  These members pledge to say a certain number of prayers each day for the cause of life.  Members of this list may occasionally receive emails about meetings of the main Respect for Life groupings.

If you would like to be placed on either email list, simply send us a message:

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