St. Helen of the Cross Pastoral Council Membership

Pastoral Council Members represent the various ministries and apostolates within St. Helen of the Cross

Cathleen (Cathy) Duran is pastoral chair pro tempore of the pastoral council.  She is a wife and mother of three sons, and one grand daughter.  She has been a member of St. Helen of the Cross Roman Catholic Church for the past 8 years.   She has dedicated her time for the last 30 years as a volunteer in many different areas in the communities of Eloy, Arizona City, Casa Grande, Northern Arizona, and out of the country.  She has held board positions and worked for large companies as well as a past owner of a salon for 11 years.  She is  a Lector and recently joined the Altar Society.  In addition, Cathy is a member of the School of Leaders for the Cursillo Movement and oversees the St. Helen Cursillo activities.  She is looking forward to doing God's work here at St. Helen of the Cross. Many Blessings to you all. 

Mary Akers was born and raised in New York City.  She spent 13 years in the Air Force.  She graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology and became an Internet Engineer and worked for the company that helped to create the Internet.  Later she went on to establish a separate, independent consulting company, doing network consulting.  During this time she began working with the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA).  She has been involved with RCIA for over 30 years.  Mary is currently a certified Marian Catechist as well as Level 1 certified in the Diocese of Tucson. Mary has been RCIA coordinator for 3 years at St. Helen.

Johnny Ruiz is a husband and father of 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl ages 7, 4, and 4 months.  I am the chair of the Fellowship Committee.  I have been living in Eloy my whole life.  I also served as an Altar Boy for 10 years, and am a member of the Knights of Columbus.  I am happy to serve my parish family, and offer my talents and gifts to the church.  God Bless all.

Lupe Rodriguez, Religious Education

My name is Elizabeth Flores, I'm currently employed with Pinal Hispanic Council.  I am a member of St. Helen's Church.  I am a member of the Finance Council and currently assisting with BINGO Concession.  My husband George and I have three children George Jr., Dominic and Ashley and two grandchildren Alyssa and Nicholas.  My family and I have been involved with many other activities involving St. Helen's Church.

Blessings to all, my name is Mary Lou Martinez.  I have been married for 41 years and have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.  I have been a member of St. Helen of the Cross since childhood receiving all my sacraments, as well as my family, at St. Helen and continue to this day to be part of St. Helen's Community.  I have been blessed and have had the privilege to volunteer under many Priests including Fr. Matthew, Fr. George, Fr. Martinez, Fr. Juan Carlos and Fr. Alonzo.  I have volunteered in the following capacities Catechism Teacher, Bingo Assistant, Fiesta Queen Committee, Fiesta Committee, Wedding/Quinceañera organizer, Finance Council, Parish Council, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lector (English & Spanish) Sacristan and Liturgical Coordinator.  It has been an honor to serve in these committees and be part of our parish community.  If anyone would like more information as to how to become a volunteer please do not hesitate to contact me. 

"Your talent is God's gift to you, what you do with it is your Gift back to God!".

Jesse  Gonzales

Jesse is the Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, St. Helen Council.  He is an Usher during the 9 am Sunday mass.  He also is presently and has been a Bingo Volunteer calling back numbers to verify a bingo for some time.

He was raised in Eloy area, made First Communion and Confirmation at St. Helen.  He calls himself an "Unofficial Altar Boy" for mass held in a grain barn in Friendly Comer.  Jesse graduated from Santa Cruz in 1976.  He completed 4 years active duty in the U.S. Navy and 16.5 years reserve duty.  He has volunteered at St. Vincent De Paul satellite food bank at St. Augustus in Phoenix.

Hi, my name is Flora C. Flores.  I am the pastoral council secretary.  I have been a member of St. Helen of the Cross Roman Catholic Church for over 50 years.  I am married, my husbands name is Juan and we have three sons, Johnny, Rey, and Salvador.  My daughter, Marissa Ann, passes away at the age of 19 as a result of a car accident.  I retired from Pinal County after 25 years in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court.

I was asked to become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion by Fr. Martin Martinez when he was our Priest at St. Helen and I accepted but was a little hesitant because I had never served before.  Now having served many years, I can say I thoroughly enjoy helping out during Mass.  I, along with four other parishioners, also deliver Holy Communion to the homebound.  I also volunteer my services at Bingo, the annual Fiesta, and now on the Pastoral Council.  God has truly blessed me and I am proud to be a member of St. Helen of the Cross Roman Catholic Church.

My name is Patricia Rojas Baeza, I am a lifelong parishioner of St. Helen of the Cross.  I have received all of my Sacraments here and have volunteered as a CCD teacher, money counter, fiesta queen committee member, and Eucharistic minister.  The ministry that I'm most involved in is weekly overnight adoration.  I've been happily married for 25 years and a mother of two adult children, plus one grandson.  I have also worked full time as an Elementary School Teacher for 18 years now.  

Hello, my name is Reverend Alonzo Garcia, and I am the ninth Pastor of St. Helen of the Cross Roman Catholic Church.  I have been a Roman Catholic Priest for ten years and it has truly been a profund blessing to be of service to God and to His Holy People.  I am 42 years old.  I am a Pueblo High School graduate from Tucson, AZ. so I am a Warrior all the way whether that be spiritually or otherwise.  When I graduated high school I wanted to be a doctor but I now know that God had other plans for my life.  I did manage to take many science related courses towards medicine and nursing.  Additionally, I was able to work hands on in patient care.  I worked with patient care at Banner University Medical Center and then St. Mary's Hospital in the Burn/Wound Clinic prior to entering St. John's Seminary College and Theology In Camarillo, CA.  I have been Pastor of St. Helen of the Cross Roman Catholic Church for two years and I am truly blessed and amazed at the many wonderful and loving parishioners we have!  It is like coming back home being here at St. Helen of the Cross!  Praised be Jesus Christ.

Deacon Pat Abiles.   My wife Connie and I have been married for 43 years this December, we have two children and six grandchildren.  I was ordained as a Deacon in 2012 and previously served at St. James the Apostle Parish in Coolidge.   We have also been active in ministry in the surrounding Parishes with Marriage Preparation, Communion to the sick and in nursing homes, Rosary Makers, Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament, Common Formation of Lay Ecclesial and Diaconate candidates.  I am also one of the assistants to the Vicar for Deacons in the Diocese.  Connie and I love what we do in the Church and for the Church, which is all of you.  We continually pray for you and for your families and wish God's blessing on St. Helen of the Cross and our Pastor Fr. Alonzo.