Pastor's Page


Advent Message



Dear Parish Family and Friends:


May the grace, peace, and love of God our Father be with you and your loved ones always!


My dear friends, we begin anew our liturgical celebrations with the deep and profound expectation of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, to save His People! This is the hope that we all have in the Lord’s coming into this world.


As we look around today, we recognize so many tragic events that have taken place these past few months and it gives us pause to think and wonder, what is the hope if any, in the face of tragic shootings, killing of innocent people, and world-wide terrorism, how can there be any hope?


Our Advent Season moves us emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually towards the promises of a time of Hope for the world, who awaits a Savior, a Savior who brings with Him the peace and love the world so desperately needs in these very dark and challenging times.


Advent in this time and space has many very important realities of a God who saves His people from their sins and restores them to be a people who are blameless in His sight.  A signal of a God who saves and offers hope in moments of fear and darkness of the time, and in our time as well.


This time is a time for us to renew our own way of life in how we are actively taking a conscious effort in becoming the Christians the Lord knows we all can be.  If we truly strive for hope, peace, and justice, it must first begin within our own hearts and minds for us to act in virtue of the nature of one who follows Christ.


We can never remove human tragedy from the equation, but if we become a people dedicated to our faith, and put that faith into practice, then the hope, joy, and love that we have for God and one another will permeate the whole of our land and we will become a people truly faithful to the Coming of their Lord!


May God be praised now and forever!


Sincerely Yours in Christ Jesus,

Reverend Alonzo M. García, Pastor