Developing a Ministry

Many parishes have different levels of ministries and in the parish of St. Helen of the Cross we are encouraged to build upon a sense of belonging and of reaching out to individuals who may be vulnerable or in need.  Due to abuses that have occurred in the past, there are now steps that have been put into place by the Diocese of Tucson that outline how a ministry will function.  These guidelines were established to ensure safety and security of volunteers and of those participating in the ministry.  The ultimate responsibility and oversight of all ministries at St. Helen of the Cross rests with the pastor.

Below are guidelines that are required when beginning a new ministry in the Diocese of Tucson:

  • The ministry will have a mission statement.
  • The ministry will have written goals and objectives.
  • The ministry will have organizational documents to include (as applicable):
      • By-Laws/statutes
      • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
      • Charter
      • Articles of incorporation and/or other documents related to the ministry's organizational structure
  • Organizational Safe Environment Program Policy or Statement that has been reviewed, approved and signed by the ministry leadership.
  • All members of the ministry have successfully completed required Diocesan paperwork as listed on our Safe Environment page.