Conmemorations for the Faithful Departed

For Funerals,  please make all necessary arrangements with the Funeral Home of your choice. They will contact the parish office to help make the arrangements. A donation of $350 is requested for all services. Funeral Homes may download the First Call Funeral Form from our Virtual Office.

For Special Memorial Masses (without a body or remains present), please contact the parish office for information, availability and scheduling.

Mass Offerings for your beloved may be mentioned at any regular scheduled Mass. To add and intention and offering for Masses, please contact the parish office. A donation of $10 is requested for each name mentioned at Mass.


Please bring or send to the office the name of the person you want the Mass offered, the date you request and your contact information.

You may contact the parish office at:
St. Helen of the Cross Roman Catholic Church
205 W. 8th Street
Eloy, AZ 85131
(520) 466-7258