Registration and Applications


Why Register with the Parish?

It makes it easier for you to be approved as a Godparent, or a Confirmation or RCIA sponsor.  It makes it easier to have your children baptized at St. Helen’s.  It makes it easier to hold your wedding at St. Helen’s and have the reception at the hall.  It allows us to mail you a record of your contributions for your tax forms. It helps St. Helen to accurately report to the Diocese how many families and parishioners we have, which makes our assessment more accurate.  It helps us to communicate important issues to you at home or on the phone.  And, most importantly registration is what makes you a member of the St. Helen of the Cross family. 


Registering Options:
If you are already registered you can update your parish registration information using the form below.  Even if nothing has changed we need to know that! To register for the first time, please download the pdf at the bottom of the page, fill it out, and drop it by the office.
Registration Update form:
Has anything changed?   Yes   No 

Family Name/Nombre familiar:

Head of Household/Jefe de Familia: 

Physical Address/Dirección fisica:

Mailing Address/Dirección de correspondencia:

Home Phone number/ # de teléfono de hogar:

Cell Phone/# de celuar

Email Address/Correo Electrónico: 

Notes or comments/ Commentos

Other Applications and Forms:

Below are files associated with requesting our facilities, arranging for funerals and marriages, registering for sacraments, or for getting copies of your sacramental records.  Please fill them out and bring them to the office.

Parish Membership Registration 24.6KB
Baptism Application Form.pdf 246.2KB
Baptism Requirements.pdf 157.0KB
Bulletin Request Form.pdf 814.5KB
Facility and Event Request 49.2KB
First Call Funeral Information Form 100.7KB
Hall Rental Application 2017.pdf 509.7KB
Letter of permission 33.5KB
Marriage Registration 52.6KB
Request for Sacramental Certificate.pdf 238.2KB
RCIA CCH Registration Form 113.5KB
Sponsor/Godparent Eligibility Form 56.4KB